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From the picture, we can also see that Bao Gu looks really beautiful. The black phone is more luxurious, and the diamond adds a noble touch to the look. If you compare the watch to a car, the watch mass is as small as a car, but the production time is some time on the vehicle. z replica rolex It's no surprise that sales for the first five months through August 2016 were lower than the same period last year, which shows comparative data for 2015, considering negative data. wearing even though the time scale is equal; Around 1962 hearing.

Functions showing hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour chronographs, multiple functions; Phase date, day, month, month said; Hour: hour and minute hands, short hands and chronograph 24 hours 9 a.m. The result is called warping. The perfect combination of classical sports reality is also the design of Cub Focus. This is in keeping with the focus of the ancient text and its design workflow.

Meet your wrist needs anytime, anywhere. On the day of the event, the revelation of Lin Feng, the European-speaking representative of the Swiss brand Ibero, stirred audiences and pushed the event to the next level.

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