Products and Services

Many of our clients have come to us with unique problems relating to enhancing their diving experience. We have now developed these into a range of unique products and services.

These include specific training in wreck diving, wreck location, advanced Nitrox and extended range diving.

We also provide unique certification cards and log book stickers to personalise your diving experience.

Theory work can be undertaken prior to a trip for groups of 4 or more, with the practical aspects dealt with during our safaris.Instead of cramming the training into a couple of days,we spread the course out over the duration of the sfari-usaully 6 days;

“I really feel my diving has matured this week,-I’m much more confident and at ease with my kit- bring on Truk Lagoon” Owen Fielding, Dec 2009

As well as training we can arrange unique itineraies for your club/ group.Although we have 7 main routes/itineraries in the Egyptian Red Sea, we can configure the schedule to suit your needs.So if you have a group of 6 or more and want something special for your next Red Sea trip give us a call07518161970

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