Built in 1922 for the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co at Swan Hunters, this 5683 ton steam tanker was attacked by enemy aircraft while off RAS GHARIB using aerial torpedoes and bombs. She was sunk on October 19th 1942, with the loss of 11 lives. Her captain, J.Waring survived. She was 411 ft long, 55 FT beam and 30 FT draught, capable of 10 knots and fitted with triple expansion engines. She lies in shallow water, with only the lower hull remaining having been dismantled below the waterline. HER FULL STORY WILL APPEAR IN EGYPTIAN SHIPWRECKS

On APRIL 3RD 2006, Brighton BSAC joined the RSWA  Wreck Expedition TO RAS GARIB, led by DIVE cossespondent Peter Collings.The group successfully located and identified the wreck

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