Red Sea Wreck Academy


Founded in 1995 by Peter Collings and several of his regular diving team, the Academy was immediately endorsed by the RED SEA ASSOCIATION.The team has been responsible for the discovery,identification and survey of over 30 shipwrecks in Egyptian waters alone.

The School

We offer a host of training courses from underwater photography to advanced wreck diving.While the Academy has strong connections with British Sub Aqua Club, we welcome divers from all agencies.Many of our training courses are specific to our wreck hunting activities and are not offered by major agencies.These courses are available to our members for the purpose of advancing diving and wreck hunting skills. Courses are devised with this in mind and while we issue our own cert cards these do not replace Skill development courses run by the BSAC or other agencies.

These generally take place during our liveaboard safaris in the Red Sea, but can also be married into our other expeditions to the likes of Palu, Truk Lagoon etc. Dry sessions can be pre arranged for groups of 4 or more.

Some of the specialist training our members have enjoyed include; Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range, Decompression Procedures, Advanced Wreck Diving and Wreck Hunting.

The Club

Our membership is made up of divers from all agencies and walks of life.

We even have in our research section many non-divers who, like our active members, have contributed to the location, identification and historical intelligence which has led to the discovery of over 30 wrecks in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Many of our members can boast “They were the first”, for example members of Brighton BSAC were with us when the Scalaria, Aboudy and Bakr were located, identified and surveyed.

Our founding members enjoyed seven virgin wrecks in one week during the first ever expedition into the Gulf of Suez, and more recently the fabulous S.S.Turkia.

Our members too have been involved in the location, identification and surveying of many well know wrecks such as the Maidan, Turbo, El Qaher, Hamada, Rosalie Moller, Zietieh and the Russian Wreck.

Members benefit from discounted training, advanced booking, and our Bio trips. We also offer our members unique Diving C.V. certificate cards, which uniquely reflect their diving credentials.

Our members come from all agencies and some can boast more than forty safaris with us.

Membership is free and we are always looking for new blood to join our safaris and expeditions. New members do not need to be pre-trained in wreck or technical diving , but we do ask that they have a minimum of 50 dives.

On most occasions several of our long standing members will be on board to share their knowledge and experience with others.

to join call us now on 07518161970

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