Heba Allah (Hebeta Allah, Hebbat Allah)

A 51mtr, 300-ton motor vessel, the Hebbat Allah stood abandoned in the Hurghada region. Donated by its current owner Mohamedi HOEIDEK, the vessel has been sunk as the first artificial wreck/reef in the area. At the moment the vessel lies bol upright on a flat sandy seabed in 45 mtrs between Gota Abu Ramada and GIFTUN. The ship is intact and the accommodation area is easy to explore. Marine life has yet to invade the wreck although a shoal of Fusiliers patrol the wreck and huge travelies can be seen around the prop.The bow is in 46 mtrs, prop in 45m deck is in 40 mtrs. Her masts are still in place and rise up some 15 mtrs towards the surface. Coral bushes are now beginning to appear around the wreck, shoals of fusiliers patrol the perimeter and groupers hang around the forecastle.

The wreck is now officially open for qualified divers under the following conditions

1- Divers must have a minimum of 100 logged dives and be certified as CMAS 3 star divers or equivalent e.g. Dive master with PADI,NAUI,SDI / BSAC sport diver / SSI dive control specialist

2- Only one dive per day is allowed on the wreck as diving the Hebat Allah will inevitably require staged decompression.

3- A maximum of three boats are allowed to moor on the site at any one time, this is very important to adhere to ensure the sustained integrity of the wreck and for the enjoyment of the divers.

4- It is strongly recommended that dive centres and dive guides do not allow full penetration of the Hebat Allah except for divers who are certified to do that( such as full cave and advanced wreck qualifications).

The association in cooperation with HEPCA and the EEAA will be installing three mooring buoys for dive boats and also put in place three shot lines to assist divers complete their decompression stops safely and comfortably (these shot line ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR MOORING OF BOATS).

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