Ms El Arish

There have been numerous articles in the diving press since our   this imaginary wreck became public.Its not suprising that these amatuer scribblers get it wrong, yes the name on the hull is ELARISH EL TOR, when we found her we also noted the lifebelts and life boats were branded EL ARISH, but her bell was scribed EL TOR!!!!!!!!!

At the time of sinking she was registered as the EL ARISH

MS El-Tor

Built 1981 A/S Bergens, Norway

Dimensions 105 x 17.3 x 4.12

12 Cyl Diesel – 6620 kW

19 Knots

1025 Passengers, 328 berths, 150 cars

IMO: 7719820

1981 – Delivered to Misr EDCO Shipping, Alexandria, Egypt

1991 – Renamed El-ARISH-EL-TOR

1999 – Sold to Sayed Nasr Navigation Lines, Cairo, Egypt.Renamed EL-ARISH

This wreck was proclaimed not to exist after the “intensive ” research of a self proclaiming “expert”. However thanks to her owner and the members of the Red Sea Wreck Academy, we have located, surveyed and dived the wreck-she is now a regular on our safaris.

Her bell was located by Mike and Sue Rountree-but before we could make plans to recover and present  the bell to the authorities a “cowboy”  tried to steal it, fortunately he was caught red handed, and the bell is in safe hands. Sadly her wing compasses were spirited away- but not before we had photographed the artifacts in situ.

The wreck boasts some magnificent soft corals and has great potential for internal exploration.

Lying in 35 mtrs, with her starboard side in 12mtrs she is a welcomed attraction to our itineray  and is one of three wrecks in Scuttle Alley!


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