S.S.Carina (aka the glass wreck)

Built on the Tyne in the late 1890’s, we have only just located her plans after many years of searching the local archives-14k of shelves storing unlisted maritime history means even more details will come to life from an area steeped in ship building. Her full story is now to hand and will be published in due course. The wreck is still giving up its secrets to this day. Not often dived ,strong currents, clear water and in sight  of the Thistlegorm

We have now identified her cargo as  VAL ST. LAMBERT CRYSTAL, confiming her identity even further.

One report sites her as the “Brick Wreck”, because the author thought her cargo was bricks.They are her ballast stones………………..DONT GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB!

My photo mentor Lawson Wood wrote a feature many many years ago called “3 in a bed”- about 3 white tips sharks living under the wreck, well 20 years on 3 white tips still frequent the cave formed by her stern!

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