To celebrate her 75th anniversary I have written a complete guide to the worlds most dived wreck. Why have I waited so long? well others jumped the gun- without all the documentation to hand-it look ten years to track down documents that maybe didn’t exist- but they were eventually located and are published therein-

The most comprehensive account ever produced-on this popular shipwreck, with material from otherwise never disclosed  documentation, revealing some new material about her final journey, cargo and captain. Detailed tours of the wreck will enhance anyone’s’ first visit and  revealing for those who think they know the wreck 195 pages of A4 text archive material and photos.

S.S. THISTLEGORM, 75 YEARS UNDERWATERhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/lsv752g9sey8cga/23%206%20TGORM.pdf?dl=0

75years cover

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