The Tile Wreck – Her True Story

The True Story Of The Tile Wreck At Abu Nuhas

Despite producing a plathora of evidence dating back beyond her sinking, the M.V MARCUS at Abu Nuhas, also known as the tile wreck is still misnamed and identified by some having the audacity to proclaim themselves experts.

take a look at this picture-it was taken by the esteemed Mr Howard Rosenstien (who discovered the DUNRAVEN) IN 1979 YES clearly shows the MARCUS( name on bow) sinking.

The Chrisoula K arrived some  3 years later

and so  to end all arguments “THE TILE WRECK, HER TRUE STORY” was published in E book format and given away free

Thousands have read this one already-so if you still think this is the Chrisoula K read on……. you WILL believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

such was its success as an advertising medium we have produced 4 more…………….all free, perhaps some of these “experts” would do well to read them……………………

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