Attiki M.V

A 3360 TON, 104MTRS X 16 MTRS motor vessel, built in 1966 by Imabari Zosen, Imabari, and owned by the Greek company of Lanathos Cia. Bound for Port Sudan with a with a cargo of cement, she ran aground just before midnight, April 24th 1978.with her holds and engine room flooded she was abandoned and then later caught fire

The wreck sits upright from the engine room forward, her holds still full of the cement, now solidified. The engine block is complete although the prop shaft and stern would appear to have been removed. There is much confused metal consisting of plates pipes flanges and fittings forward of the engine block, The foc’sle is awash with her bow pointing north. The wreck lies parallel to the shore and covers an area of 100 mtrs by 30 mtrs. Fish life includes surgeon fish, lion fish, golden hatchets and founders.

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