M.V. Aboudy

Built 1960, 76 mtr long, 11.4 mtr beam, 490 ton Egyptian motor vessel, cargo120 tons of alluminium, livestock and general. Foundered off Ras Gharib in heavy weather on the 7th May 1988. Located September 13th 2005 by PC and members of Bromley BSAC, inshore of the Scalaria in shallow water. The wreck lies on its port side in a north south attitude with the bows to the north and her keel to seaward. The bridge and superstructure are located aft and have collapsed.

The holds which run continuously through the ship still hold some of her cargo-hundreds of 120ml bottles of cough medicine lie in the silt and the surrounding sand, and long lengths of aluminium extrusion lie in heaps. Two huge, and very photogenic A -frame derricks run horizontal and a radio mast runs out from the bridge area. The fo’c’sle has evidence of other items of cargo stored there. 4 sets of twin winches flank the holds. Handrails and flagstaffs are intact, and several bulk head lamps can still be seen.

Marine life includes shoaling barracuda and fusiliers, emperor angle fish , crocodile fish, torpedo rays and encrusting corals and sponges. A large number of oversized nudibranchs abide in and around the wreck.

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